CYC problem

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Hi. I have CYC and when I go to the channel, I see the video part of CYC but I get the audio of CTV (The order of channels I have is CTV then CYC if that makes a differnce). For example, my sister was watching girl talk and we saw the girls talking, but at the time, we heard HH the Pope speaking because that was what was on CTV. I tried doing a Power Scan to find the channel again but I can't find it. Can anyone help please?


  • Sometimes it is well to reboot the system.

    When in doubt reboot.
    Maybe that will work.
  • I tried...It didn't work. Should I factory resetting the device?
  • yes try it but be careful!! :-\
  • sat: Galaxy 19  ferq: 12028 MHz  pol: Horizontal
    Symbol Rate: 22,000  Fec: 3/4

    this is what it says on the cyc channel and what it is moving to as of today.
    the old frequency has technical problems and wont work as of the 1st of july.
    Hope it helps!! :)
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