Sex In gods eyes HUH?!



  • ok what is it that is "wrong" when it comes to having sex with ur husband/wife? like i dont understand.. what can u be doing that is considered "wrong?" :-\
  • What difference would the position make?Why would one position be more "holy" than the other.Sex is sex.Sex is only acceptable in marriage but God does not put any restrictions on human beings as long as all is done in love.Perversion of any type is forbidden though as is unbridalled animalistic lust.I'm not talking about normal,God-given sexual urges and drives but rather that type of lust exhibited by"the gentiles who do not know God"{as the Bible says}.A lust more akin to orgies and other unspeakable immoral acts and not in keeping with the natural,beautiful,God given act of sexual love.
  • okay i am not 100% sure about the position thing, i was told this although i am not sure and i personally dont agree with it, i do however agree with jfranklin, well said!

    and thank you from your knowledge and wisdom, i learn alot from your posts as well, keep em comin!

    May God Bless Us All And Give Us Wisdom!

  • I actually agree too, but there have been soo many things i agreed with that the church didn't....
  • i know what you mean...i will look into the position thing and come back with an answer for the forum!

  • o wow this is accually very interesting.. but i too don't agree w/ that position thing.. i've never heard it be4.. well i am learning alot from guys.. and i don't really have anything to add.. u guys r tooooo good.. lol.. :-*
  • i found out why from asking sumone and it grossed me out so much the reason we are not allowed to have any other type of sex but vaginal is because that is the only difference between a man and woman, and so doing it those other ways are also possible woth members of the same sex and that makes them almost homosexual intercourse. :o(grossed out)
  • considering the standpoints our church has had on other things, that really does make sense. It doesn't surprise me one bit.
  • ok, very interesting topic indeed
    so when and how does the church decide on these things??
    i suppose they dont discuss these things in councils ::)

    that reason ilovechrist posted is quite interesting though, i never ever looked at it that way...tnk God marriage is still far far away lol
  • and that makes them almost homosexual intercourse. (grossed out)

    Actually the Bible makes it clear that the sex acts committed by homosexuals are a perversion of "natural" acts between man and woman{husband and wife}.When men or women do these natural acts with members of the same sex their sexuality becomes "unnatural".It becomes unnatural because they are taking what is right and good in a loving married relationship and perverting it.Why we attribute natural,instinctual sex acts with homosexuality is beyond me.It is not the married couple who is perverting natural,normal sex but rather homosexual men and lesbian woman who turn the "good" into something evil.Homosexuals and lesbians kiss one another and yet we dont equate "kissing" with homosexual behaviour.Why do we allow homosexuals to rob us of the natural sex life God intended us to have? I am not advocating that "anything goes" in married sex life but only suggesting that what many consider deviant{homosexual}sex practices are in fact God-given,natural sexual urges and desires that have been stolen and perverted by evil and godless men and woman.We must also remember that while sex's primary purpose is for the procreation of the human race God also made sex{in holy marriage}pleasurable and for our enjoyment.A healthy,normal sexual life greatly affects our mental and emotional well being.Let us not turn something that God meant for good and turn it into something twisted,evil and dirty.

    I also acknowledge that there is room for disagreement on this controversial subject.May God give us wisdom and understanding.
  • maybe its one of those things (if there are such things) that the church doesn't necessarily favor, rather kinda looks down upon, but are still...ok? Do those things even exist?
  • yes there are like in the book of tobit the church takes the (optional) tradition that man should not know his wife for three days after their marriage does that fit under your category ? cremedelescremes

    chris ;D
  • [quote author=Hos Erof link=board=1;threadid=1116;start=30#msg19198 date=1106774883]
    ok, very interesting topic indeed
    so when and how does the church decide on these things??
    i suppose they dont discuss these things in councils ::)

    Strangly enough the catholic church did and they have strict rules on what positions can be used....

    Hi Jerry,

    I think the basis for you arguments is basically sex is sex when I think the church teaching would be more likley to be holy sex is sex. The point of conflict to me seems to be whether or not when God created sex, he had some specific position in mind so doing it in any other way is a perversion also. There is no doubt that sex was created as something good but its not for us to define the boundaries of what 'holy' sexual contact are. We have the patristic tradition and so forth to consult on these matters so we have to be careful with how far we go in our opinions because lets face it, none of us are God's mind readers. The Churches stance in this matter is not to restict a perfectly natural action but to actually define what is perfectly natural about it for us.

    I'm not a expert on this subject but I think we may need to hear more on this matter than a few sentances before we can wholly give ourselves over to any opinion.

    God bless,

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