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Peace, can anyone help me and tell me why when I try to listen to a hymn from the website it does not work, it was working yesterday, I have real player installed?? so when I click on the hymn that I want to listen to the lyrics comes up but it is not playing automatically, even when I click play it still not playing.

God bless


  • I encounter the same problem!

    Btw, what computer do you have - Mac or PC?
  • it is PC not mac
  • I thought it'd be a Mac problem coz that's what I use... Guess I am wrong about that, and once again I know Macs never fail me!

    I just download the hymn I wanna listen to... If I don't like it or want it I just delete it again lol..

    Is this problem going to be fixed though?
  • Peace,
    I can download them and listen to them but that is a lot slower than listenning to them online, and also I have limited hymns to download per day, so it is very limited. is there any other solution????? I really do not know what happened? b/c it was working fine before.
  • They have problems on the servers sometimes.

    Ask Minagir (aka Minatasgeel)
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