Fear of Judgement Day

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Hi people :)
so do you guys ever get those surges of fear about your judgement? Like, whenever i read parts of the New Testament about heaven and about the Resurrection, yes i am filled with hope for a better life, but i also get scared,
..what if i dont make it? what if im not doing enough? ...how can i ever have a sense of comfort and rest towards my judgement, like the saints and fathers?

i'm reminded of the passage where Jesus talks about those who are saved. and those who werent..."Lord, when did we not clothe you or feed you or comfort you?" (I'm not sure of the exact words) , the people that werent saved seemed like GOOD people, the charitable ones-the good samaritans.

"O Lord, if the righteous one is scarcely saved, then where shall I, the sinner, appear?"

Have a Blessed Lenten Journey!


  • No, not really.  Unless you believe the other posts that it is coming on 21st May.

    I rely more on the great passage from the Gospel of St. Matthew 6:25-end.  I think that is a better guide and thought, especially the last verse.

    Judgment Day begins with the day that you are born.
  • The best thing to do is forget about feeling scared, and concentrate on doing what you have do that will get you to heaven and live in the moment and keep in mind the future goal. That way, the more spiritual you become you will develop a Fear of God. Obviously we are not perfect, but this is what we strife for, and Fearing God will really help. It is still good though that you read that part of the bible and it got you thinking.

    As well as the article I included above, there is a book called "Fear of God" by HH. I don't think I've read it all, but I remember it's a good book and I got something out of whatever I read from it.
  • My brother,

    Does one know of his fate? Do we know if we will die in a car accident the next time we drive? No one knows (besides the Saints) of the day that we will travel. So in this case, one must repent, one must be praying continious, one must fast, one must give tithes, and donate, and love his fellow man. Don't love the world, it will parish away.

    Pray for me, for I am a hypocrite and weak
  • i forgot which saint said this but it was this: "if we live a Christian life for fear of punishment then we are slaves. If we live for the hope of a reward then we are like hirelings. But if we live for the good and for the love of God then we are truly sons. " God bless

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