Skits for Church (Palm sunday)?

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Holy week is coming but Palm Sunday is a day to celebrate. We are planning to do skits...but which ones.....we are not sure.

My personal favorite is: LifeHouse Everything Skit. It never gets old!

Does anyone have any other skits that we could try in mind?


  • Why don't you do an actual Palm Sunday Skit on Palm Sunday?
    I mean like Jesus arriving in Jerusalem on a donkey...
    Unless that story is already very well known in your church (among the children)
    God bless, Pray for me,
  • Hmm... I wonder how we are going to do that. The stage is not so big to have crowds on stage to cheer for "christs'" is the jesus going to Enter? I was thinking something along the lines of this guy or girl having problems that causes let's say him to give up every time he makes a mistake and he is losing more hope each time he sins, but one day he goes to church and he meets with his friend and he tells his friend his problem, then they pray together and abouna sees them and the friends says 'see I told you that god will listen to each prayer.

    Then the guy sits with the abouna and becomes renewed or something.

    Or one about the poor man, and how he sits on the street asking for help from people walking by.
    First the preppy girl walks by but the poor man stops her and asks for help,but she says that she has competitions to win so she doesn't have time.

    Then a business man walks by and the poor man stops him and asks for help but the businessman is too busy making money

    Then a christian walks by and the poor man just ignored him, but the christian said "Are you okay?! You look so tierd!
    The old man says "Why would you care, no else seems care for me or even have time for me,"

    The christian says,"Of course I care for you just as Jesus Christ my lord cares about all of us. Come on, we need to get you something to eat and a place to stay."

    The poor man say "Thank you so who was your god that you were talking About? Can you teach me about him......."
    They walk off together.

    Those are just some choices we have got. Can you tell us you imput or give us any suggestions to work With?

    It will be greatly Appretiated!

  • [quote author=CopticStrength link=topic=11048.msg133426#msg133426 date=1300659715]
    My personal favorite is: LifeHouse Everything Skit. It never gets old!

    LifeHouse Everything Skit is definitely overdone!

    I don't like your second suggestion either, especially for Palm Sunday.

    Definitely definitely don't do something completely out of the way of the theme that the church has set up for Palm Sunday.. I think one of the best things our Church does is setting up the atmosphere for passion week and the 50 days after.. all the black curtains and such and then the white... and the hazainy and farayhi hymns etc. etc.

    I think what you really have to do is make your audience really feel like it really is Palm Sunday! There's gonna be so much palms - use your imagination!
  • I really like those ideas, but I got one too.
    I don't know if you heard about that Sunday School Teacher that is mean with his students (very strict)
    Then one day, he goes to heaven then the angel tells him that he can't go in because he led a
    boy to sin because he didn't accept him as a student. So the teacher doesn't understand. The angel show's
    him that the boy is smoking or doing drugs, something like that.
    The teacher begs the angel to give him a second chance then the ahgel approves.
    He goes back and is a really good guy.
    That is not the exact story but simillar.
    I guess you can sorta do that..
    I am not too sure.
    Anyways, God bless, Pray for me,
  • That's actually really good, Cyril! I will look into that one...

    Now I am wondering what other skits the other coptic churches have done in the past...if anyone from a church have done a skit in the past that succeeded in the past (whic I am sure it probably did!) Please let me know?

    It will help us and I am sure many other people to.

  • if u can do a true story, it's even better. twice this month i heard the story of the rich man who was very mean and gave nothing to anyone.
    then a poor man comes, begging for bread, and the rich guy hits him over the head with a loaf of bread in order to laugh at him. the man takes the bread and goes away.
    then he has a dream that night and sees the angels in heaven weighing up his sins, and there are lots of them, but no good deeds. after a long time, one angel comes with a loaf of bread and says - look, he gave a man a loaf of bread. the rich guy is really ashamed and scared, as he knows he didn't really mean even to give the loaf of bread to the poor man. he begs for mercy and repents.
    then he wakes up and is happy that is was a dream and he didn't die. he goes to the church and repents and becomes a true Christian.
  • I do not think that skits are at all appropriate for Palm Sunday.  The day is Joyous, however, by the time of the end of the Liturgy and the General Funeral Rite, the Joy is put to the side and the full breadth of concentration should be on Christ's Passion.

    I think it is very foolish to have skits.

    The "marathon" of the Holy Paschal Week does not leave opening for such folly.

  • Let's forget that it will be on Palm Sunday. Lets say 3 weeks after that or at anytime we need to send a message across, what skit should we use?
  • I think it is beneficial to act out scenes from the lives of the saints. That way we are not making up a teaching which may be incorrect and we are also encouraging a devotion to the saints.

    There are many dramatic scenes in the lives of the desert Fathers for instance.
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