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Hey everyone, I opened up a new topic a while ago asking you all the pray for me concerning school. I think I figured out what exactly is preventing me from doing well. Motivation... Has anyone here ever felt that way? I just dont feel motivated to study, is this from satan? If so how do I overcome it? I find that my weakness is not in the course material itself but in the willingness to study. I love my program, but in every program you have courses you dont like, I just cant seem to study, I always end up studying when its too late. My program is difficult and requires a lot of work, when I pray I dont even pray that God help me get a good mark anymore, I just ask God to help me help myself by studying. But it just WONT work. I dont know what to do anymore, I have no motivation to do well, and if I fail any courses I will be extremely behind in my program. Please everyone pray for me.


  • Well, I have been in the same position as you have been. Motivation was my exact problem too. Except you are way much older and I am probably not going to be much help to you, but this is what I did that got me better a bit:

    Before I start homework, and projects, and test studying and all of that lovely stuff, I read a psalm that would help me. I concentrated on that understanding it and seeping it in my mind and pray to God telling Him that if I work as hard as I can, he would help me with the rest and therefore I would get good grades. That was a big enough motivation. I ask for Saint Baba Kyrillos' help since his intercessions for the student always work.

    If you are asking about the non religious side, I made myself like what I was studying.

    Also when you find a easy way to study, it makes you want to study more, like for me, concept mapping is the best creation for studying. It makes me understand whatever I am learning no matter how complex the subject it is.

    Of course I still have problems with laziness, but that gets abolished by prayer, as I learned today in the sermon for the gospel.

    I hope I helped, but I am an inexperienced person so I hope more experienced people will help.

  • That was extremely helpful CopticStrength, God bless you, thank you very much for your response
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