On a mission to find the Popes' sermon from 19 May 2010

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Hey all!

I am on a mission to find a recording of ANY sort of the Popes' sermon of the date 19 MAY 2010.

If any of you read or write Arabic can you please do a search on google or youtube or something, or even the coptic pope website! Please just have a go for me...

I am looking specifically for the Question and Answer part only!


P.S I will "bump" this thread if no one replies  :P


  • I thought you were bluffing but you proved me wrong!

    go to copticpope.org
    on the right hand side look for weekly lecture
    in the search box write 19052010
    you will get two results first is the questions, second will be the lecture


    neshkor Allah, akhadna el baraka
  • Oh no I was not joking about that haha!!

    Thanks mate!

    Just one thing... I can't seem to get it to work... on VLC it doesn't sound right, and it doesn't even bother opening with iTunes.

    Now I'm calling anyone with a mac to help me out! :P

  • Here it is as an mp3: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8568116/Pope%20Shenouda%20March%2019%20Sermon

    Please let me know when you have download it so I can take down the file (It takes up a part of the space alloted to me on dropbox)

    Edit: It turns out I still have 1 GB of space left so there is no need to take anything down.
  • Thanks mate... but is this the sermon or the Q&A? I want the Q&A part only... sorry for the trouble!

    It isn't too clear, but hopefully I can hear the part I want from it..

    Dropbox! I love dropbox - I have 6.25GB of space  ;D

  • Sorry!

    Here's the q and a section: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8568116/q19052010.mp3

    I love dropbox too, but I only have 4 GB of space  :( . Well...  4 Gb space is plenty for me, so I guess its not so bad.
  • Thanks a million!
  • If I may ask, what was in this particular sermon that you wanted to find it so intently?
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