How to reach true Christian belief?

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How can we get to the level of not doubting anything whatsoever?

Is it possible to ever reach this state? A state in which I walk into the liturgy with a 100% belief that I am partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ. A state in which I believe that everything that happens to us is for our benefit.

How can we transcend from a belief that is "of the mind", for lack of better words, and move to a true belief that really leads us to action.

I mean I ask myself: If the Lord Himself is on the altar, and if I truly believed that, how could I come late to church? How could I sit down because I am tired? How could most the congregation do likewise?

There is something missing. I believe on one level - that of the mind. But my actions don't resemble what I think I believe.

I feel like most of the time I am (and many others as well) deceiving myself. I say all this cute stuff about the liturgy being heaven on earth and that time does not exist and many other things. But is it all an act?

How do I go from just talk, to TRULY living what I say and believing it as well?


  • I think that it comes from commitment and determination.

    You say that if you believe that Christ is on the alter, then why do you sit when you are tired or come late to church?

    Its lack of commitment. I had the same problem a few years ago, I talked to my FOC and he explained. I didn't hear it only from him, but when I when to a HSG convention and in sunday school.

    If you truly know that, then you have to make a commitment and say, "I know what I believe is true, and because of that, I AM going to church on sunday early, No matter what it takes."

    Or for sitting down thing, I usually say to myself, that many old people are sick and have problems standing up, but because of their faith, they stand up. I will stand up, praise the Lord and enjoy the liturgy while God is with me at church.

    Ask God, to help you abolish all laziness.

    As if we can be in a state of not doubting anything, I believe that many people reached it before and that its not impossible, but I am not don't take my word for it unless someone that has more experience confirms.

    I wonder if there are steps or something or to get to that state.......good question! I want to know also! ;)
  • The more we know about a person and talk to them frequently, the more we have faith in them.
    The more we are in conversation with God through prayer the more our faith increases in Him.

    The logic is simple: would you take a risk if a stranger asked you as compared to your beloved father?

    The way I see it is that prayer is the only solution to building any relationship with God.

    What makes us different than the saints and martyrs? They already built their foundation, through fervent prayer, so they were able to trust God 100% through all their struggles and tribulations. No person would risk his/her life, be humiliated and severely tortured on a doubt.

  • TITL,
    So do you mean that the saints prayed their way out of the struggles on earth? That's all it is to get to that state of trusting God 100% and not doubting anything?

  • No lol, they didn't pray their way out of struggle. Many martyrs saw other martyrs being tortured and screamed "I AM CHRISTIAN!"-- it was a choice. They accepted it. They wanted it. I don't think they prayed for God to take it away from them lol. I'm sure their prayers asked for God's strength and mercy.

    And yes, I do think prayer is the only thing that can give us that 100% trust in Him without any doubt.

    You mentioned commitment through forcing ourselves. No offense, but although our entire struggle on earth is through commitment, we can't ever be successful without that strong relationship with God. The only way I can think of having a strong relationship with anyone is through conversation and interaction.
  • I am not sure what you mean by not doubting anything? We must be careful not to make a state of 'not having any doubt' the goal of our lives. The goal of our lives is to acquire the Holy Spirit. Are we doing those things which will allow us to be granted the indwelling Spirit in greater measure? Are we seeking after God or after certainty?

    If we seek God then all those things we need will be added to us.

    Offer what you have to God adding to your prayers, 'Lord, I believe, help Thou my unbelief'.

    Do what a devout and faithful Orthodox would do and offer this as a sacrifice to God whatever your feelings. When our Lord chooses He will Himself visit you. Make your work the preparation of your heart through ascetic effort and regular participation in the grace-filled and life-giving mysteries.

    The Fathers speak about the danger of laziness, I am out at the moment but will find a link when I get home. St John Cassian writes on it.

    God bless you

    Father Peter
  • Thank you for your words father. I think laziness just might be the source of my problem.
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