Singari Resurrection Psalm

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hey guys,
can anyone please get me the words(text) for the Singari Resurrection Psalm, thanks for ur help ahead of time...

Pray 4 me,
Karim Hanna
[email protected]


  • Psalm
    [coptic]Vai pe pi `ehoou et`a P=o=c ;`amiof@ maren;elil `ntenounof `mmon `nqytf@ `wP=o=c ek`enahmen `wP=o=c ek`ecouten nenmwit@ V} euerouwiny `eron.[/coptic]

    Psalm Response
    [coptic]Allyloui`a Allyloui`a@ Iycouc Pi`,rictoc `pouro `nte `p`wou@ aftwnf `ebol qen nye;mwout@ qen pi`ehoou `mmah somt@ allyloui`a allyloui`a.
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