Someone has a malware/spyware

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I noticed posts by a robot or a rogue program with a membership name related to a malware advertising srver known as "163 dot com". It can be sticky and recurs after removal. If you suspect you have this in your system download a program called Malwarebytes' Antimalware, install it then update it. Now do a scan to detect and then remove any malware found.

If it asks you to restart to finish the removal it's OK. You need to repeat this 3 times every about three days in between to be sure it's gone. Then use a good anti virus (something other than Norton's or McAffee's). Good luck.



  • search for of the best spyware software.
  • Yes I agree, it is very good too. I recommend using both, Spybot has also live protection after installation. Antimalware is an on demand manually run scanner. If something bad is missed by one program the other will usually catch it. It is good practice to scan your system once weekly.

  • i guess it's worth saying that if your pc activates a spayware, the VERY FIRST THING to do is to disconnect the net not make it worst. many spyware will try to take over the pc and download things and all that.
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