Peace brethern

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hi guys, i would like to introduce myself....

actually my sister told me about the forum here, i used to go on the old Tasbeha site and download hymns since im a deacon.

well my name is Mina, 19 years old, i go to college, live in Rochester, NY.

... and so far i love how everybody comes together to find things and talk about stuff in deep.

Im out for now, peace guys.



  • hi Mina, welcome to this highly addictive site :)

    looking forward to hearing ur opinion about "stuff" lol

  • hey and welcome to this site... i am also new here... i use just come on and download taraneem but i started reading the msgs u guys were writing and i started coming on more and more. u guys r great here, u all sound like very nice people...
    well, just to tell you a little about myself, my name is Mimi and i am 18 years old. i really love this site and when you guys said that this is addictive, lol it really is... i love coming on here.
    well i gotta go for now so take care and
    God Bless
  • Mina and Mimi - welcome to the site!!

    beware though, as many have already said, its very addictive! (so dont do like i do and stay up till 3am posting here rather than doing chem!!) lol.

    hope to hear your wisdom on many topics as they come along...

    take care and God bless
  • thx for the welcome guys, believe me i've been to other forums before, yes they are... untill u get bored, lol and find sunmthing else to do.
  • Mimi,

    Is that your real name or is it a nickname? My mother's name is Mimi and I amazed at how many people will ask her to spell it.
  • my name is Mina, not Mimi...

    Mimi is a girl's name.
  • true...try to get the name right, u's really disrespectful...

    hi! i'm Coptic Servant, but people sometimes call me girgis (not my real name, but a preferred name)

  • Welcome Mina
    I hope u enjoy it. ;)
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