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hey everyone,
Bishop Surial was recently at my church, and gave a short word after sunday school about mormons. I wasn't able to attend all of it, :-\ but it sounded really interesting. If anyone has any info on these people please post.


  • hi,

    The mormons were started by a man named JOseph smith who was searching for the true church. it is said that while he was praying the father and the son two seperate beings apeared to him and that they told him to follow no church and that he would be the first to start a new church. the mormons believe that Jesus and God are seperate they believe that god lives with his wife (ii forget the name they gave her but i will get it for you) on a far away planet. Joseph smith was said to have the Word of God writin on two tablets that no one has ever seen because he was told to burry them. there is no much infor on these people it would be too much for me to write it so i am going to refer you to a site writen by an ex mormon so its good, and if you dont like it tell me and i will post the other information i have.

    The site is:

    May God always provide us with his love and strength and comfort. Amen

  • Maria, that's an awesome link!

    wow, its got everything on there! thanks for posting it for us to check out.


    take care and God bless
  • Not a problem glad i could help if you need more info just ask!

  • hey just like crazycopt said, thats some good info
    thanks!!! ;D
  • ur welcom :D

  • the mormans say that Jesus' wife was Mary Magdeline
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