I am New

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hi every one i am new just wanted to say hi!


  • hi and welcome :)
  • hi every one i am new just wanted to say hi!

    I thought you had been here for awhile...lol...44 posts...lol...Sorry I didnt see this thread earlier or I would have responded sooner. Welcome! I've already enjoyed many of your posts newcomer...lol... ;D
  • lol same here, i thought u were here on the site forever, welcomeee ;D ;D ;D
  • Hi!!!

    I think your choice of "SaviorOfMySoul" is quite inspired and fortuitous. The acronym is "SOMS" which in the Coptic language is a verb which means: "to look, to behold, to view, to consider". Hence, one who relies on the Saviour of My Soul is one who wants to look upon Him, and to consider Him in every action.

    Good choice.

    Just a little FYI
  • ur FYI is much appreciated thank you! and thanks for the welcom...even if it was delayed its much appreciated guys! i love this site! (and i have become addicted!)

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