Please prey for us

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We have had an earthquake today with many people dead and homeless.

  Prey to GOD for his love, compassion and protection. Prey for the intercession of Saint Mary and all the Saints


  • May the Lord have mercy on you all.
  • It is dark now outside and a bit of rain. I hope everyone is inside. There is so much sadness. People are being pulled out of rubble as I write this. Other countries around the world are offering to help us.
  • Thank you Father Peter, your prayer means much to us.
  • We have just heard the death toll could be from 200 to 400.
  • ooh my goodnes  :(
    Where do u live Joshua?

    May the Lord have mercy upon u and protect u.

  • Sounds like you're in New Zealand - we'll all be praying for your safety and that NZ recovers quickly. The news was reporting a death toll of 65 - has the number risen that much?

    Lord have mercy on you
  • Cristchurch, New Zealand. It was 65 but there are many more under buildings. It's raining heavily. There's many people in our large city park. Aftershocks all the time. 250 rescue workers from Australia coming and some from America, Isreal and Japan.
  • Trust in God. He is there with who need
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