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Hey everybody, one of our San Jose youth made a website, check it out, and it has a chat room too, and a forum, so look at it. And umm, so this isn't just a thread about a site, lets talk about.... ummmm..... names!! one of the names that i like straight out of the Bible (esther) is mordecai.. how about u? which bible names do u like? i was reading this book about someone who named his daughter pilate cuz he couldn't read and he chose a random name out of the bible (its a fiction book), and that's wrong of course right?

oo, and here's the site...

have fun checking it out,


  • its really nice, and speaking of that, my friend also made a site, we live in
  • You know what names from the Bible I like...well i have three:
    a) Melchizedeck (I love this nameeee) but i heard frum sumone that naming ur kid that is like blasphemy or sumthin since Melchizedeck is like one of the revelations of God...i also like Trinity but i guess that would also be blasphemy ??? not sure lol
    b) Malachi...He wrote the last book of the Old Testament...n that book is jus TUFF...real hardcore...n that book makes me think
    c) I also like Meshak (not sure if thats the right spelling)

    p.s. nice sites...m frum tdot too so i checked out that site n yea it seems pretty kool!
    bye for nowz!
  • plz help us get the forum going
  • great sites guys!
    God bless your efforts and use it as a minstry for Him!

    take care and God Bless
  • Ooh wow bron3, that is a wonderful site!! its very pretty and i love the pictures!

    i agree, malachi is a really nice name, wow, there are some really nice names in the bible.. i like the name ruth, its really pretty...
  • really nice site ;D
  • Hello everyone,

    Just a little reminder when you visit the site please do not forget to sign the guestbook. Thank you in advance.

    By the way, thanks alot I am guessing you are Dave.

    Yours truly:
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