I know this is a pretty random question, but ive been reading about how the romans use to crucify criminals in the past, and it says they would crucify them completely nude as to put them to more shame.. The Bible says they stripped Jesus when they crucified him, but did they strip him completely? Or did they have the decency at least to leave on his loincloth as we see in all the pictures...


  • An interesting question.

    Apparently Michaelangelo carved a statue of the naked crucified Christ. It stood in a Roman church for years but something happened.

    I would dread to contemplate the Crucified naked but maybe I need to consider that possibility. 
  • However, even if He was crucified naked we, in the spirit of Noah's sons and for decency's sake, should not depict Him so.
  • i agree. scholars disagree on whether the romans crucified victims with a loincloth (a narrow strip of cloth wrapped around the waist and covering the bottom, much like a mini-skirt!) which the people of the time wore under their long robes as underwear, or totally naked.
    either way, Jesus is usually depicted with a loincloth, as it would be rude (in most societies) to draw someone naked. also it would make the sunday school kids giggle all through class and learn nothing!
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