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Guys please pray for me because my right knee hurts really bad and it makes weird noises everytime I bend it and I am afraid it will need surgery. Please pray that it doesnt have to come to that. Thank you guys in advance and may God have mercy on me


  • Hey me too. Actually mine just hurts all the time and I have no idea whats wrong. I am sure youll be ok brother.
  • May the Lord heal u bro! You are in my prayers  :)

  • You need a to wrap it.

    Seems like you've torn some ligaments.

    Sounds usually pertain to fluid in the joint and cartlidge that is eroded.

    You need to decrease any major activity, wrap, elevate, Ibuprofen (if your stomach can tolerate it), warm soaks.  If it does not improve you need to see an Orthopedic surgeon.  He will most likely recommend arthroscopic surgery to clear up scar tissue and torn ligament.  It is a 15 minute affair with a total of 2 hours in an ambulatory surgery center.
  • I know so many people with knee problems. You kneed to look after your knees.

    A couple of years ago I did a sponsored walk of 100km with a colleague at work. We walked the St Cuthberts Way in northern England visiting places associated with a great English saint from the 7th century. We even visited the cave he used to retreat to, as well as the monastery he was Abbot of.

    Anyhow it was a four day walk. I had managed to get a hotel in the middle of the route to let us stay for free in return for a new website design. At the end of day one, after walking about 20 miles, just a few hundred yards from the car my right knee suddenly became excruciatingly painful and I had to hop to the car. All night it was very sore, and although I wondered if I would be able to walk we were raising funds to help build a school in Africa and I couldn't bail.

    The next day was very painful, and because I was now stressing my left knee that also went towards the end of the day. I do not know how I got through the last two days. Every single step was agony. And it was pouring with rain and even snowing. Every step was taken with the Jesus Prayer. On day three we were over taken by an elderly couple who were in their 70s. The woman, who we had met on previous days, said that she had been worried about me because of my knees. And she was 70!!!! She strode off into the distance. She was sensibly wearing strapping on her knees. I could not lift my leg to go over stiles, going down hill was even more painful. It became a matter only of endurance.

    It took me several weeks before my knees were back to normal, and I did seriously think I had ruined them for life. I couldn't bend them without pain for ages, nor go up or down stairs.

    Look after your knees.

    Father Peter
  • I have experience with this. Torn ACL and lateral meniscus; two operations followed, and I think recovering from the first one was the worst experience of my life, for a number of reasons.

    That being said, your experience will probably be different. It would be good to get an MRI done. Prolonging it will only create more problems for you in the long run, so I would get it checked as quickly as you can.
  • Every member in my entire family (a little exaggeration.. actually just 4) had knee surgery. They all regret it.

    Don't do it Geo.

    Put Holy Oil on it. It showed better results than surgery for "every member" in my family.
  • Pray for our fathers and our brethren who are sick with any sickness,
    whether in this place or in any place,
    that Christ our God may grant us, with them, health and healing,
    and forgive us our sins.
  • If you're in the gym, avoid doing squats and running on the treadmill in the same session. Leave time for recovery.
  • I have Osgood Schlatter on my Right knee.

    What it is is there is a tibia tuberosity (a thin bone) lining the tibia itself from the top and the tendon from the knee cap attaches to the tuberosity. So what happens in Osgood is that there was excessive force used by the tendon (overuse) and the tendon pulled the tuberosity out of it's place slightly upwards, causing a big, severely painful bump on the knee. The pain comes from the calcification process which begins right when you get it and calcium begins depositing in between the torn tuberosity and the tibia and therefore you will always have a small permanent bump (not really visible, but it's noticeable when compared to other leg) and the pain will stay for about 1-3 years, for as long it takes to completely calcify. Mine doesn't hurt anymore, since it's healed and the bump is pretty small, but it was extremely painful back then, I thought I would die. Thank God it healed.  

    I will keep you in my prayers and hope you a speedy and well recovery, without any surgery.
  • wow. lol whoever thought knees could make such a popular discussion topic :)
  • [quote author=epiphania link=topic=10624.msg129861#msg129861 date=1297028468]
    wow. lol whoever thought knees could make such a popular discussion topic :)

    Knees are great to talk about, they are one of the most complex joints in the body, there's a full study about them.
  • Apparently they are the easiest member of the body to mess up. LOL, don't forget to pray for it btw. Thanks guys.
  • ooh i feel ur pain bro.. literally lol.. both of my knees are horrible.. so pray for me too!!
  • ilovesaintmark,

    wow, am guessing u r a doctor.  :)
  • May the Lord heal your knee and also all who have knee problems, with the prayers of the Saint Martyrs and brothers Kosmas and Damien, both physicians.

    You should make the sign of the cross on your knee every night with holy oil then gently spread a topical analgesic ointment like 'ASPERCREME Heat Pain Relieving Gel',
    in the morning you should wear an elastic knee bandage (a not too tight simple knee sleeve) and take the drug suggested by ilovesaintmark after meals.

    I recommend you read this page, for further treatment steps as ilovesaintmark said:

  • [quote author=Khas. link=topic=10624.msg129864#msg129864 date=1297028815]
    Knees are great to talk about .... there's a full study about them.

    LOL really!?  :D

    That was funny.
  • [quote author=TITL link=topic=10624.msg129937#msg129937 date=1297088428]
    [quote author=Khas. link=topic=10624.msg129864#msg129864 date=1297028815]
    Knees are great to talk about .... there's a full study about them.

    LOL really!?  :D

    That was funny.

    Yeah, I go up to people and ask them, "Hey, let's talk knees! Can I touch yours?". Just kidding.
  • Now i have found out finally what's wrong with it. The doctor says that i bumped my knee on something really hard and it pushed something back i think he meant like cartalidge misplaced or something. Then fluid came in there and now he has to remove it somehow. Hopefully without shots or surgery. Please continue pray.
  • Geo,

    Sorry to tell you, there will be a needle involved.  Experience.  Left knee.
  • aw man, atleast it's not as bad as surgery Thank God. Btw, did it really hurt? Where did u take it(probably ur knee just makin sure).I know it's a little kid question but I have a phobia of needles, lol.

    Also, is it the cortizone?
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