What is wrong with Egyptians?



  • i think democracy (democratic system) has failed badly!! it's just not working!
    it is indeed most popular (preferred) world view but it has proven to be a failure.
    this always happens when the law is elevated above the law giver. It is not incidental that the first of 10 commandments (in the Bible) is to love God (The law giver).
    I believe it is impossible to live happy, obeying the law, without trust in, and love for, the law giver.
    on the other hand, when the law giver is loved, all of the laws are obeyed with joy the the sake of the law giver!
    this will never happen in any political system because of human selfishness, greed and pride, which democratic laws not only fail to address, but elevate and support.
    that is to say, human corruption will survive in any and all man made socio-political system.
    nobody would endorse oppression and i hope everybody hates it, but legalised greed and pride are morally just as evil as oppression is.
    if people hope for better by putting their trust in democracy they are kidding themselves.
    i understand them as there is no better alternative for promoting the idolatry of comfort, human rights and man centred ideology.
    but if this is what the Egyptians want, perhaps perhaps they deserve it. But they will also have to live with it!! 
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