Looking for Witnesses to Zeitoun/Papadouplo or any other Marian Apparitions

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Hi all,

I'm using the free time I have between during my holidays to do some research on the incredible apparitions of St. Mary that our Church has witnessed over the last half a century. I'm trying to collect as many accounts as possible of the apparitions (since the generation that witnessed them is getting much older).

If you know anyone who visited Zeitoun or Papadouplo (or even more recent apparitions) PLEASE PM or email me so that I can send you a questionnaire that I'd like you to give to them. If the witness is willing, I would love to ask them some questions more directly - either by email or Skype (providing they are computer literate).

Please email [email protected]

I hope to make this information available publicly at some point in the future (in a book or website or some such), but at the moment I'm just focusing on collecting as much information as possible since time is running out - 40 years have passed since Zeitoun, and 30 since Papadouplo, and the witnesses are getting older and older.

Thank you very much and please pray for me


  • Thank you very much Mina :) Information like this is very useful as well.

  • My mom saw her! I'll talk to her for you!
  • There's a book called the Climax of Divine Love Series on the Life of Saint Mary where the author has in fact gone to the detail of recollecting all accounts of eye witnesses and those who happened to have some miraculous apparition, or healing.

    I think its published by Coptic Orthodox Publishing Association. I'll check the exact name and get back to you.
  • Cool thanks Zoxasi :) Sorry for the delay I must have missed the notification.

    Just a quick reminder to anyone browsing: if you know a witness to the Zeitoun/Papadouplo or other apparition, please PM me or email me at [email protected]

    Thanks, pray for me
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