Uh....Yeah: Big tornadoes where I live NOW!!!

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Farewell my fellow Tasbehians. There are many tornadoes where I live right now and its going really fast.

You know, I don't want to die.

Actually, I do but if I am going to die, I hope its the opposite of painful as much as possible.

Scratch that: if its going to be painful, I just hope that I go to heaven.

Ugh, I do not like natural disasters. If its two things that I fear, it would be lack of oxygen and natural disasters.

Please pray. Please pray. Please pray. Thanks! :D

P.S. Let's hope that we all make it out alive. In Christ's name.


  • WOW, that´s really shoking..where do u life? Let us know it if u survived! May the Lord keep you and protect you. Rabina ye7afz 3alek. God bless
  • We all lived, but it was really close to where we lived, it eventually disintegrated to severe wind.

    Thank God, and for your prayers.
  • That's good that you and your family are ok!  Noshkor Rabena!
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