I feel like an Orthodox in my church among Protestants



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    Hello Brothers and Sisters,

    I hope you all are having a blessed and productive Nativity Fast. I am trying to track down an article relevant to the topic of this thread. It is called Coptic Charismatic Renewal in Egypt and it is authored by Professor Febe Armanios. Can anyone help?

    On a related note, I'd like to link to an article on a related subject by our own much-missed Fr, Peter Farrington:


    Pray for my weakness, and may all the blessings of the Fast be yours.

  • Three Days of Strict Fasting for the Cessation of Charismatic & Evangelical Influence in the Coptic Orthodox Church

    A group of Coptic Orthodox Christians on the East Coast of the USA have taken the permission of their priests to engage in 3 days of strict fasting - from today (18/12/13) to Friday (20/12/13) - for the cessation of Charismatic and Evangelical Protestant influence in the Coptic Orthodox Church. We invite those of you who are willing and whose spiritual fathers grant their permission to join us.

    Several priests will be keeping this issue in mind as they pray before the altar for the next three days as well and have said, "May God bless and accept your fast"

    Our Lord has said that there are some demons that will not come out but with prayer and fasting (St. Matthew 17:21). Please join us in our prayers against the spirit of this age.

    Lord have mercy.
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