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What is happens at a kitchen tea... i got invited to one but i am not exactly sure what happens and what u do there and all.. i tried searching it up but i dont think people at church  do what they suggested (eg. getting drunk at a bar and all that)sooo... yeh... i was wondering if any of u have been to one and ... yeh soo if u know what happens... thanks... cya biibii ;D


  • Hi,

    I think a woman would probably answer this question much better than me but I will tell you what I know. A "Kitchen tea" is a gathering done in honour of a bride-to-be in preparation for her wedding. Usually the women relatives and friends of the bride attend. They may bring gifts of a kitchen nature (eg tea cups, China sets etc) for the bride-to-be and they just have a tea/coffee together. It may be different depending on which country you live in but this is what I heard they do here in Australia.


  • hiii i live in australia... yay another fellow aussie... yeh but i dont know like i dont think they would have twa/coffee for that many hours. hahahah... sooo yeh thats y i asked also.... well cya thanks
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