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    Seriously, His or The?
    I know it is not a big difference, but I need to know the right translation.

    Neither...and both.

    In Coptic je af,w `noumetiwt `m`vry] `nhan`ecwou, translated literally is "For He makes/places a fatherhood like sheep". Of course, this doesn't make sense in English. It needs to be modified to "He makes his fatherhood like a shepherd's" or "He makes his families like sheep".

    In Arabic, it is translated "He makes the fatherhood like sheep".

    So technically, the Coptic is neither His nor The. The Arabic is The. And in English, a literal translation doesn't make sense. Every Biblical version has modified or editoralized the original Greek a little. The same is true for translating from Coptic to English.

    Sorry for the technical information. It's probably more than what you were looking for.
  • Anyone know if any projects are underway in terms of unifying at least North America? It seems like there is a Canadian way, North Eastern way, SUS way. Or is it a lost cause?
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