Any people from Egypt?

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Maybe it's a strange question, but are there any people on this forum from egypt??
Because I see the way of talking of most people here, belongs to western youth
and I am not sure if in egypt they think like people of Europe or America..
just out of curiosity.



  • I am from Canada, Ontario, Toronto (place of birth), Mississauga (current city)
  • i know sodr2 is in Egypt.
  • I didn't think Sodr2 was raised in Egypt. I thought he just went to school there. I'm pretty sure BrideforChrist is from Egypt though (born and raised there).
  • St. Mary and St. Athanasius, Mississauga.
    If you look at my profile, there is a link to the church's website.
    Where are you now? Which church do you go to?
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