Egypt's Coptic Christians

Here is an interesting interview aired on BBC's radio program "Beyond Belief"--it is worth listening to.


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  • It's TERRIBLE!! I cannot believe that they can blow up churches, shoot christians, and harrass them!!! Don't they have any dignity!!! Those Muslims, alll they do is kill! Even the government! Shame! They have gone berserk!! They need to be stopped before they take over the world! >:( If the whole world knew they would go DOWN! They lie to the world and say everything's fine but if they were to just see the massacres and nutjobs out there, they would be slaughtered and hunted for their insolence!
  • Pray to God that it stops! Archangel Michael, help us.
  • The good bishop is the only one who makes sense to me. I do not care for Mr. Gerges' minimalizing and obfuscating. It is good not to add to tension, but bad that he simply parrots the Muslim-created lies about Camelia Shehata and Wafa Constantine, for which many have already died unnecessarily. That needs to stop. The bishop is right in clarifying that point, as well as his other points that the media coverage about events in Egypt paint a false picture of mutual hatred and tensions that, from what I have read from the Coptic side, is not at all the case. And the history, even just the recent history, bears this truth out:

    - Al-Kosheh is attacked in 1998, and no Christians retaliate.

    - The massacre comes in 2001, and no Christians retaliate.

    - The Abu Fana monastery is destroyed and the monks are kidnapped and tortured and pressured to convert to Islam (all this in a supposed land dispute...that's very strange behavior for a land dispute!), and no Christians retaliate.

    - The shootings in Nag Hammadi happen this time last year, and no Christians retaliate.

    - The bombing happen in Alexandria just this month, and no Christians retaliate. It is followed by more attempted bombings, and no Christians retaliate.

    "Tensions"? Only from the Muslim side, Mr. presenter and Islamic sycophant Mr. Gerges!  >:(

    And it makes me sick how this Mr. Gerges trots out his religious and ethnic identity at one point ("As an Arab Christian..."), as if this should silence all critics. You could be a purple alien Buddhist from the planet Venus, I don't care...if you play apologist for evil and the workers of inequity, you are not living up to the faith by which you were baptized!
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