Raising Money for Martyrs' Families - Pamphlet of Poems?

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Hi All,

I've noticed that in the wake of the tragic events of the last few weeks, lots of our youth (including some members of the forum like GODLovesme) have been writing beautiful poems to express our feelings about the situation. I reckon that with the ones that I've seen and perhaps some help from others, we could get a nice collection together which could go into a pamphlet which we could sell at Churches to raise money for the martyrs' families and the wounded.

I really wouldn't know how to organise anything like that (printing and distribution etc.) but I think it might be a nice idea. It would be easy to collect the poems through the internet, and we could request more nice ones on forums and Facebook etc. - and I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to put them into a simple publishing program like Publisher or something. Printing and getting them out would be the hard part though.

Anybody have any ideas on whether or not this is practical, or worth doing if it is?

Just a thought, God bless


  • If you do it, I'm in. Ideas are already popping into my head. But I would like to see a few others just to see the general tone.
  • That's good! I was thinking that they should be as uncontroversial as possible (just in case) - nothing about the evil of Islam or anything like that - we should focus entirely on the tragedy of the victims' death and the comfort the Church gives in dealing with it. I'll see if I can post one or two here to set the tone, a friend of mine has already written a couple of things.

    Pray for me
  • I should add, if anyone already has anything they think would be applicable please post it here or PM it.

    God bless
  • Such a beautiful idea.
    Now, this is what our religion is ALL about: LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
    As Jesus said, when questioned by the Pharisees, whay is the greatest commandment of all? Love your God. Love your neighbour as yourself. (Not quoted)
    If you guys need any help, I will do my best to help. Just put a post, PM me or e-mail me.
    I don't know how much to say I LOVE this idea.
    God bless your eternal efforts, Pray for me and this service,
  • Well it's worth a try! I sent an email to a servant at my Church who might know about printing in Australia - someone else would have to organise printing overseas though.

    GODlovesme I think the poem ("Bittersweet") in the link is exactly the kind of thing we could put in! The article is very good, but I think its is too political for a publication like this - I would prefer if we didn't even mention the word 'Muslim' or 'Islam' (except in a positive light) so as not to throw more fuel in the fire of the tension that is already too high. I think we should stay away from specific details of past attacks and things like that - let's make the message simply one of love and fellowship, which is after all, as Cyril97 says, what Christianity is all about.

    God bless
  • Just a thought btw, If you watch the CCTV footage of the detonation, the bomb goes off just as the congregation is singing: "Heaven and Earth are full of Your Glory" ("al-sama2 wa al-ard mamloo2ta bi magdik - the bomb goes off before they say "al Aqdas") so maybe we could make that the title, and the theme of the writings inside?

  • If anybody has written anything else please PM the text to me, or post it here so we can get a feel for how big the publication would have to be if we were going to print it.

    It would be really helpful if someone could post the details of the people responsible for sending donations to Alexandria.

    Thanks and God bless

  • Another update: I've talked with my priest about it and apparently the chances of making enough money to actually make a difference after you factor in the cost of printing is very low - so a printed publication is probably not the best idea.

    So I'm not sure - perhaps we could make a memorial Facebook page (there's probably one or two already) and encourage people to post their poems up there? There would be no cost, and we could put the details of the Charities helping the Alexandrian Copts on the front and encourage people to donate. That would be a much more effective use of the service I think.

    Pray for me.
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