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  • You could create spiritual pictures in needlework and cross-stitch.

    If you are still what you consider a beginner then you could create traditional samplers with scripture verses, passages from the prayers of the Church, and saying of the Fathers.

    In this sort of style, I mean...

    Then you could sew cross-stitch images, of the saints, or of famous churches and shrines.

    If you became very accomplished you could attempt a tapestry, again of a spiritual subject. Based on icons and your own artistic abilities. Neo-Coptic iconography is of a type that it can be translated into tapestry form.

    If you were to start with a sampler with a border of some sort of Coptic design, perhaps based on some of the geometric decoration used on some iconostases, and perhaps have a text from the Agpeya, or a selection of sayings from the Fathers on the spiritual life, and perhaps with small motifs with a traditional spiritual meaning, crosses, the symbols of the four evangelists etc.

    This would, at the least, be an interesting and beneficial gift. As you become even more accomplished there is no end to what could be done in humility.

    Father Peter
  • I'm sure God will open up many doors for you to glorify Him through your talent.

    My church always needs new stitched cases to put Saint relics in. Maybe something like that
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