Tarniema about H.H. Baba Shenouda lll

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Heey everyone, Merry Christmas in advance and wish u all
a great, blessed, beautiful succesful Happy New 2011!  :)

I am looking for a veryyy beautiful (new?) song about HH Pope shenouda, i dont know the name, but I know the refrain says: " Nem be-is o waaab....lalalala.....ava Shenoudti...nanana" and something about " ya khalifit mari marqos"  and
one of the singers in Mariam botros and a lot of singers..
I saw it on tv (forgot which channel) and I saw there was written: Gowa el 2alb (inside the heart) baba shenouda...

I really love the song, so if anyone found it, let me know.



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