Got a question

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ur we aloud to listen to music other than church hymns during any fasting or watch like arabic movie just asking
i need feedback
hope to hear from all of u ;D


  • Of course you can do whatever you want but it goes back to how strong you are in the faith.

    During any fast, you are suppose to fast (stop) the things that you enjoy. I'ts not only food. If you like to play video games a lot for example, you should cut that down during fasting. That's the idea. So it's different from person to person. Obviously there are some basic rules, for example, no meet when it comes to eatings.

    Hope that helps.
  • well i'm talking in general
    say that i love listening to arabic music
    and the period of fasting came and i still listen to them
    i can;t stop to listening to them
    what should i do
  • well another point of fasting is "self control" So by stop listening to arabic music during fasting will help you become stronger in the faith.

    Things to do:
    1)pray to God to help you gain control
    2)Ask your local priest for advice
    3)Everytime you go listen to arabic music, try to find something else to do.
  • my body got use it
    my ear got use it
    i know it bad but it really hard to stop
    i listen arabic music more than spiritual songs
    i'm bad :'( :'(
    i talk hours and hours about arabic music
    but when someone talk about spiritual song it;s like whatever
    my mind goes crazy about arabic music
    my mind like a tape singing arabic songs all the time
    so someone help me plz what should i do :'(
  • u aren't bad...don't say tht abt urself
    I listen to arabic music too...I know what u mean when u say got used to it and stuff...but i guess tht's the purpose of fasting...we control ourselves not only food wise...but spiritual as well. So i guess wut I am like for example try to give the songs up for a stop listening to them for a day and maybe listen to taraneem or something...and see it that gonna work. Hope tht helped
    God Bless,
  • hey you are not bad... I am hooked on John Mayer ;D

    Okay I AGREE with Marianne 200% because if try to stop all at once, it will not stop... so just try to decline a bit after the next.

    But in general there is nothing wrong with listening to music during the time of fasting... in our case it is different, because we are in a way addicted to it, so that is why we need to get over it, and the time of fasting is the best time… but we could still work on it during the non fasting period, because as I said it is in a way an addiction.
  • i heard that its a sin to do so
  • i just want to step by and say something
    if ur really willing from ur heart and u can't or u struggle
    so many times
    i mean Our Lord Jesus Christ will never turn His back on u
    and The Grace of the Holy Spirit will help u out.
    doesn't have to be at once because as u said that u got use to it
    it really hard to stop at once
    just work on it step by step so if u listen to music all the time just try to decrease the hour a little bite
    force yourself as much u can to let ear to get use to spiritual songs, liturgy, read psalms from the bible that will help u alot trust me even though probley in the beginning ur ear will refuse or u will feel pressure on ur ear stoping u from hearing spiritual stuff just ignore it
    the pressure and maybe increase listen to spiritual songs, tasbeha
    who is ur favorite saint which the one u feel comfortable with ask him/her for help and their prayer will be beside u , ask the help of our Lord Jesus Christ tell him weakness it ok to tell him u can't do it and u need alots of help.
    i hope that help ;D
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