Weak faith

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Hi all,

I used to be close to God but now, I feel like I am drifting away.
I pray as much as I can in a day, read my bible, and go to liturgies as much as posible in a seven day week.
Do you guys/gals have any things that could help me strengthen my faith.
I am currently reading the Book of Acts but am almost done.
Any recommendations for a new book. (please, no old testemant because it is to hard to understand- for me)
(and nothing by St. Paul; way too smart for my tiny understand)
God bless and pray for my weak faith,



  • Cyril,

    Welcome to being human.

    The fact that you can recognize a given issue allows you to address it.

    Serve.  Serve.  Serve.

    As you serve you will encounter God more and more.  In challenging situations you will call on God.  In dealing with His People, you will call on His Strength.  You will see Him in them.  As you work you will see yourself in Him and He in you.
  • I think we all sometimes feel that we are not close to God, but let me tell you
    that this is the devil trying to discourage you..really. He gives you thoughts
    that you are not close to Him...but rreally:
    "in Christ Jesus our Lord, in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him" ephesians 3:11-12
    Be confident in this and dont let the devil discourage you.
    I think you do alot everyday in trying to get closer to God, maybe reading spiritual books or the agpeya can help you also...but dont be like St. Peter where he worked all day and night and didnt catch anything.
    Pray to God & allow His grace to be with you & to fill you up so you may catch a alooott of fish :)
  • I read a chapter a day, and read seven hours of the Agpeya (1,3,6,9,11,12, Veil)
    Now becaus of Kiahk, I attend at least 2 liturgies a week, 1 asheya, 1 midnight praise (as
    late as I can with my mom killing me...)
    What do you suggest I do because after all of that, I still don't feel a benefit.
    God bless, Pray for me,

  • Cyril97, what are you praying for? What are you hoping to experience or achieve? Why are you praying?

    I am not saying this as a criticism of your practice, but to understand what you expect.

    God bless you

    Father Peter
  • I am praying for forviness of my many sins, I hope to experience God, I pray because of the two previous reasons.
    I just have weak faith that God is capable of working in me.
    I don't really know. You really got me thinking...
    Thanks. GB, PFM,
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