really need ur prayers

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I have some issues that going to make us move to another state and I don't really want to move. So I'm asking all of u to remmber me and my family in ur prayers. Please pray for me and my family I trust God and I'm sure God will do the best for us


  • I did not plan on moving, myself, to a different state.  It is difficult to start over, but in my case everything became fine.  I don't know what your reasons for your comments, but I pray that God's Will be done for you and that you recognize His Will and Divine caring for every moment in your life.  He is the God that created you and He is the God that will take care of you and your family.
  • Thank u soo much that made my day
  • You are in my prayers . Leave it up to God ! :D

    + sister in Christ +
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