What song hymn do u listen to da most?

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including ur car/pc/mp3 playa


  • that's a tough choice 2 make.hm...........i like anything that we sing in tasbeha. ;)
  • specifications pls i waannna see

  • ok....i like lipon which we sing anually and the psalm 150 that we sing in tasbeha during 7/4, ;)
  • i like la7n el fadael
    the hymn of the virtues

    and the long pi ehmot ghar
  • I love arabic taraneem, especailly faisal singing the pope's poems... AMAZING
  • i love eporo and sabanee hobik
  • i like to listen to songs from the cd "trinity" especially Lord Riegn in me...and other songs...like How Could I forget the one who died for me/ kayf ansa sayadee .....
    and "atee ileeka"
  • My favorite hymn is arihocasf but i listen to aripsaleen the most... come to think of it i love any kind of tasbeha.. My favorite and most listened to spiritual song is Ya Abe'i ro7bon... its located in this site under the name My fathers the monks of de..
  • Aripsaleen in English, Leepon, Khen oshout after 1st hoos, tenen, psalm 150 in kiahk, tov hina, azpaceste, rashene, fai peplimen, golgotha, and epouro/ekesmaroot
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