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Hello all,

I am  a new Sunday school servant. I am preparing a lesson about Ezekiel. In the Sunday school curriculum it states that the objective is to learn about the new life in the prophesy of Ezekiel.
I serve middle school. But the thing is how can I relate this to them. How will this help them in their everyday life.
I know that I have to do my own research but I am using tasbeha as one of my research resources. :) I love this forum.

God bless and thank you,


  • "How To Relate to Children" by H.H Pope Shenouda: ; H.H also speaks in it about how to relate to kids in the late childhood stages.
    Forgive me for just giving you a reference, but honestly this is the  best book in your situation. It is also really short,  covers everything and is practical.

  • Thank you Christ's servant. I am looking through it right now,

    Anymore ideas are more than welcomed

    God bless
  • I think the kids should start giving the sunday school lessons.. they seem to do a better job :p

    Please enjoy:
  • TITL, I totally agree with you. I have watched this video multiple times.
    The girl is amazing.

  • Any more ideas!
  • I'll just type what my sibling's Kid Bible says as an introduction to the Book of Ezekiel:

    Imagine trying to explain something that you have never seen before, that is made out of a substances that don't exist and that functions in dimensions that are not a part of your world. Your explanation might turn out a bit confusing, don't you think? And don't you think that you would end up making a lot of comparisons? "It was like this, except..." "It was sort of like that, only it didn't..." If you can imagine that kind of explanation, then you are ready to read the Book of Ezekiel.

    Ezekiel preached his message while his people were being held captive in Babylon. The other prophets, for years, had told these people that if they didn't change their ways they would self-destruct as a culture. Now they were facing that very destruction and they were still disregarding God. It was at this point that God called Ezekiel to give them one more chance to repent.

    Ezekiel was preaching to the people who were in a mess. He encouraged them by reminding them that there was a brighter future waiting. He also confronted their sin, which was the reason for the mess in the first place.

    If you're going to mention Ezekiel's dream in your lesson, which I'm assuming you will, then you can say how God's point in giving Ezekiel this vision was that we are never so far gone that God can't give us a new life if we'll just turn to Him and repent. That's good news, isn't it? No matter where we are of what a mess we've made, we are never too far gone.
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