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When it comes time to pray does it matter whether your standing up, kneeling down, or just laying in your bed? I have always been confused about this and was wondering what is your feedback, plus in any of those positions do you have to be facing the east? What is your opinons?



  • Ok, let me put it this way, if ur next to president talking to him, would u sit on a chair, or lie down?

    I assume u would say no lol, so if u would do that when there's a president, how much more should we stand in fear and respect when the King of Kings is listening to us.

    There's always exceptions, like when u can't stand or when ur in a public place for instance and like to pray, but when there's no excuse, why would u sit down or lie on bed?

    As for kneeling down, that's probably ok, but we should be carefull not to use it as a an excuse to rest our tired bodies.

    Looking towards the east is the best way, since we expect the lord to come from the east and we always pray towards the east in church, but again, if there's a reason we can't face the east of course it's better to pray looking another direction than not to pray at all.

    looking forward to hear other opinions :)
  • a person needs to have an official prayer, where he/she stands up straight, and look towards the east, and use the agpeya.

    But also you can have just regular prayers of the day, where you talk to God, when you are driving, when you are lying down, when you are sitting, and etc... But these alone are not enough; you need the official prayer also, maybe at least once a day.

    You can sit down in the official prayer only when you are sick, and/or can’t stand for any reason.
  • i know how u feel, i used to lie down or sit, i barely ever stood up, it was akward because i did not have faith god was there in front of me, i felt dumb standing in the middle of my bedroom.
    but its better, as people have said y and lying down often makes me drowsy lol
  • You guys are awesome I appreciate the feedback you all make alot of sense...
  • I think it's disrespectful to lie down or sit unless you have a problem that prevents you from standing..not necassarily health issues..but God would rather you sit and pray then not pray at all..
  • hey guys watsup
    neway we have this new bishop in town anba apakir (who is awesome) and actually he gave a talk about prayer and he said the best prayer is done from heart then out of an agpeya or anything else tehres a story like this which he told....

    there was a monk in the desert (in egypt) who wanted to join a monastery (in egypt) and to join that monastery you had to know all 150 psalms by heart because whn they stood up to pray someone would assign each monk a psalm and he would pray it by memory (booklessly) so there was one monk which the abbot of the monastery especially liked and held high above all the other monks and teh other monks were jealous so they spyed on him a little and foudn out that he only knew one of the psalms so they asked teh abbot what to do with him and he said send him homeso they broughthim to the abbot and then the abbot sent him home and the monk said father its true i only know one psalm the abbot said eda7 inta betit7ac alena? the monk said sorry and before i leave can i take the (aileya) which is like the building where he lives and he sorta laughed and siad go ahead (as it was impossible for one man to carry a whole building) and so the man tied the building to his back and walked away and the whole building began to move (because he was a saint) and then the abbot ran after him and said he had made a mistake and to come back to the monastery but the monk said but father i only know 1 psalm he said its fine come back thats good enough

    this story shows that the simple prayers are great but an official prayer is good as well but it is not the most important


    P.S he told quite a few i still remmebr some if u ant ill post them just let me know
  • actually that story is true... and that monk is now an abbot, and still alive...
  • wow..that's really nice ;D I know one similar..

    It was about a monk who the other monks constantly made fun of because he was unable to read and write. During prayer and etc..he wouldn't say anything but the Lord's prayer since it's the only prayer he knew..Some monks used to see him go out at night into the church and one time they decided to spy on him and see what he's up to. The monks got into the church and saw him saying "Our father who art in heaven" and a reply saying "I'm here". The monk went on saying parts of the Lord's prayer after one another and a reply would come from above..The other monks were astonished at how this man only knew the Lord's prayer and never could read the bible on his own or pray from an agbeya yet God answered his simple yet meaningful prayer.

    It just shows how a simple prayer yet from the heart is the most meaningful. :)
  • o wow what a great story!!
    and here i am rushing through the Lord's prayer when i pray...

    take care and God bless!
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