Kiahk Vespers Praises

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Hi all,

I previously put a post for kiahk hymns. I think I was pretty general and people didn't understand.
One of my kiahk inquiries is as follow:
What would be the order for the vesper praises (tasbehat asheya) for kiahk?
I am mainly the one who leads this in my church before the Vespers.
By now, you must understand that the vespers praises is corrupt... ;)  :P :)
In my church, the vespers praises is as follows:
1- Niethnos Tiro
2- Fourth Hoos
3- Saturday Psali
4- Saturday Theotokia
5- Concluding (O penshois)

I know it is not exactly right (missing stuff), but that is what I have been taught and the typical problem;
we barely have enough time to say the above before the Rasing of Incense begins.
God bless all your answers,



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