I Need More help

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thx for the help withmy dream nowi am having another problem i am having spiritual unrest my soul feels troubled and cold and no matter how hard i pray ic ant seem to feel better i want life to go back to the way it was im very very troubled and i dont knwo why if anyoen couldhelp that would be great thx

help me,


  • hay samman
    did u tell your father of confession i think that is the best resource for you on top of that wen u r bored or feel that way listen to some hymns that ALWAYS works also read coptic books it always works as well have some quiet tym by yourself and also read the Bible if u can hope it helped and may God help u and guide you
    and samaan dont fall in the trap of temptation and never forget that every second of your life God is testing u

  • im sure at one point everyone has felt that way
    u need to take some time and meditate

    dont force urself to read the agpia or bible,
    u need to relax and put things in proportion first.
    just think, about everyone and everything, think
    breathe man, relax, just take a quiet moment in sleepiness to wonder and scroll over things

    im guessing ur buisy or stressed. when u do find a problem
    try and talk to urself(in ur head lol), find a solution or convince urself everythings cool.ok? just take a breather and then ask god, realy ask now, for his help.
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