The Love between Abraham and Lot (sundayschool-lesson)

Hey guys,

Next sunday i must give a sundayschool lesson about the love between abraham and lot (gen.13/14)
Does anyone know what I should put in the lesson and how do i tell it to the kids (6 years) ??
It's my first lesson so i want it be perfect.
Thursday next it must be finished so please, help me soon as possible

btw. a good site about this topic (abraham and lot and their love) would be great also


GB :)


  • i think reading these verses is better than going to a web site.
    these are all the verses that speak about abraham and lot.

    genesis 12 verse 5: as abram (at that time) didn't have a child, lot was like a son to him (he was his nephew).
    13 verse 1: they travelled together.
    13 verse 9: abram gave lot the choice of where to go (they had so many animals there were not enough plants together in one place for the animals all to eat enough). lot chose the best place, with plenty of water and abram did not complain.
    14 verse 12: lot got kidnapped.
    14 verse 14: abram was brave and fought to get him (and the other captives) back.
    18 verse 17-32: God tells abraham (who had now changed his name) that He will destroy sodom, where lot lives, and abraham was sad, and pleaded with God not to do this. if fact they were destroyed, but God sent to angels to rescue lot and his family.
    19 verse 29: God 'remembered abraham' and brought lot out of danger.

    maybe, when you tell the story, you can say how lot was like a son, but he didn't always make the right choices (eg he moved to live in a wicked city). but abraham still loved him and always prayed for him.
    of course you need to do more work on it, these are just ideas!
  • First I'd like to say that you started off good by preparing your lesson a week before instead of the morning of (or worse, during abouna's sermon). I hope these habits remain with you as you continue your service.

    Try this:

    Objective: Teach the children not to be greedy
    Memory Verse: “Abraham said to Lot: .....for we are brethren” (Gen 13:8)
    Reference: The Holy Bible- Genesis 13

    - Ask the students what is the meaning of greedy?
    - Greedy is somebody who wants to take everything for himself or take more or better than others.

    Lesson Outline:
    Abraham was the uncle of Lot. When Abraham left his family and land as God told him, he took Lot with him. Abraham and Lot became very rich. Abraham had lots of gold, silver and cows. Lot his nephew also had lots of cows, sheep and tents. Then the guards of Abraham‟s cows and the guard of Lot‟s cows were unable to keep the cows belonging to each of them separated. There was not enough land and room for both of them. So, the guards started to fight on whose cow or sheep is this.
    Abraham was a very good man and a very righteous man. He did not like the fights between the guards. So, he went and talked to his nephew Lot. He told Lot I do not want any more fight between your guards and my guards. So the best thing is to separate the land between you and me. So if you, Lot, choose the land on the left I will go to the land on the right and if you go to the right I will go left.
    Lot wanted to get the best for himself, because he was greedy. So, he looked around throughout the land. Then, he chose the greener land with more water, which included Sodom and Gomorrah. So, Abraham took the want Lot did not want and stayed in the land of Canaan. Yet, The people who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah were bad and wicked people and God was not happy with them.
    God was patient with Sodom and Gomorrah hoping that He may find even few good people among them but He did not find any. So, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah after He sent an angel to get Lot and his family out of this land.

    Lot was greedy and he chose the greener land with more water for himself. Yet, the land he chose had many bad people and God destroyed it. So, Lot ended running out of this land before God destroyed it with nothing except his family.

    - We have to share the good things with others.
    - Do not keep the good things for yourself and give the bad things, which you do not like, to
    - Review Psalm 1 with the students
  • Sorry, that's verse 13:8 from Genesis.

    You can use this site as a resource for preparing Sunday School lessons:

  • TITL,

    You forgot the part about the wife and daughters.  How does that fit in the lesson?
  • I didn't write this lesson. I got it from the link I incorporated.

  • I just thought it was those convenient forgotten things.
  • Enta tany? lol one of these days you'll regret all the comments you ever made about women.
  • I just thought that is in important portion of the story.  I think the lesson in that matter is not to look back at any sinful aspect in our life, and that we should be focused on following the way of the Lord.  Looking back with any favor at sin will only burn us, or can leave us in a state as if we were non-linving.  Avoiding the Eternal Life which comes from following the Lord.

    I think that that was my point.  I do not know what you mean in terms of any comments about women.

    +marmar+ good wishes for your success at giving this lesson.  Never mind my jokes.
  • Theres too many for me to look them all up, but heres one:

    Btw the sunday school lesson is the relationship, or the love, between Abraham and Lot, not the story of Lot. Just curious, would you tell a 6 year old not to look back at any sinful aspects in life? This is the age where we keep having to tell them that the Sign of the Cross is left to right, not right to left.
  • Mabaoota: I want to thank u for the nice ideas, it's really usefull!
    Merci ya TTITL 3al mosa3da bardo, thanks for ur help. You're right, the fact that
    Abraham accepted the worst place for himself and loved Lot, in spite of his greedines is a good example of Love. Nice verse!
    Hahaha, never mind ilovesaint mark, 3ady XD

    btw, should I tell them also that his name was first Abram and then god changed his name to Abraham? And I don't know, but isn't it more the love from ABRAHAM to Lot instead of the love between them? We only mentioned the points of Abraham's love to Lot. What about Lot's love to Abraham??

    What can I do more? Give them something ( a present) has to do with love? Or a game? Or eya 7ga tany?
    Any ideas always welcome!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Pray for me and God Bless!

    btw: what can I do to make the lesson more interested and not boring for the kids to listen to it??? Any presentation advice?? (Honestly..I have a bit trouble with facing the class because I am quite shy. All my other colleagues speak
    with a interested tune and a funny way...don't know how they can do that??

  • Maybe I wasn't clear before. I didn't write that lesson. I got it from Anba Youssef's site, which I included.

    I don't like taking credit for other people's work. I'm really sensitive about that. I apologize.

    I think talking about Abraham's love towards Lot is the best approach. You can try a little exercise before you give the lesson. Maybe present them with gifts, or assorted candies which is cheaper, and have them choose between each other. They'll most likely attack you like a herd of buffaloes and fight over who get's the best candies. Then give the lesson, and when you're done, you can make them feel guilty for what they've done lol, no just kidding.. you can ask them what they took from the lesson and how they could apply it at home with their sisters and brothers.

    Another memory verse could be "Eza arda ahadoon an yakoona awalan, fal ya koonoo akharal kooly wih khadeeman lel kooly" (translated: if anyone desires to be first, he must be the very last of all and servant of all).

    Theres nothing to be shy or nervous about, they're a bunch of 6 year olds that don't know which way the Sign of the Cross goes.
  • I would also add relative to the "love" aspect that Abraham loved and elevated his nephew, Lot, so much that he would call him "brother".

    In terms of dealing with the kids.  They are kids.  If they get out of hand, give them the "look".

    If you are Egyptian, you know the "look".  It's the look you get from your parents when one has done something wrong.

    I am well versed in the "look".  I give the "look" to everyone even on a nice day.
  • You're mean.

    Don't give them the "look" marmar! If they get out of hand then just smile and stop talking. They'll know that it's because of their disrespect, and they'll shut it.

    Teach them the Sign of the Cross.
  • and u don't need to teach them about the name change.
    nice lesson titL and anba youssef

    yeah, do the advanced story for an older group.
    and don't forget the sign of the cross!
  • Hey, how come nobody recognized my contribution in the first part of post #12?

    I think it was a wonderful observation.
  • Because you just copied my memory verse from post #2. You and Mina just love copying my answers, don't ya? Just kidding!  :D
  • It wasn't my answer. It was Anba Youssef's. Just thought I'd make that clear.. again.

  • TITL,

    Not to be specifically picky, but, I made reference to Lot being a brother, which is what Abram (Abraham) said of him.

    You made mention of him being like a "son".  How is it I am copying from you?  I am not a plagiarist!  I am a republican.
  • The memory verse says "Abraham said to Lot: .....for we are brethren".

    Brethren = Brothers.

    You copied me.
  • I apologize TITL, I had gotten your post confused with Mabsoota.

    I inadvertently may have copied your thought.

    Remember:  to err is human to forgive is divine.

    Do not be so harsh on us little people.

    I can give you a list of people to be harsh upon:  Zoxsasi, Minagir, Mabsoota, etc.
  • I'd like to see Tasbeha hold a superlatives for the members on here. I already know what I'm going to vote you for!

    I'll forgive you because you used the word inadvertently, and that's a fun word to say.

    Irish wristwatch.
  • [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=10032.msg122694#msg122694 date=1290621271]
    I can give you a list of people to be harsh upon:  Zoxsasi, Minagir, Mabsoota, etc.

    why AM I mentioned here even thoo i have nothing to do with this post?!
  • Because you copied my post here:

    I have every right to be harsh on you and ilovesaintmark.
  • Who did kidnapp LOT??? There are so many names mentioned in the bible in genesis 14
    it makes me confuses :s
  • Chedorlaomer
  • A simple question: where did Abrham go with Lot and Sarah?? It's not clear in the bible.. (genesi 13) from egypt to...???
  • and where is it written??
    Sorry, I need a response fast coz I have to sent it to tasony afer few minutes
  • Verse 3 says they traveled South to Bethal. 
  • [quote author=TITL link=topic=10032.msg122836#msg122836 date=1290814095]
    Verse 3 says they traveled South to Bethal. 

    Ah, I knew u would reply, coz I saw u were watching this topic :)
    Thanks man :D
    And why did he leave egypt? Sorry, I know i ask much..

    Thanks in advance.

  • Well my Orthodox Study Bible says that Abraham returned to Bethal, the house of God (so I'm assuming he's originally from Bethal). I think he just traveled to Egypt and lived there temporarily due to a famine in his country (I can't remember exactly though). So it says he returned to his original country and called on the name of the Lord.

    I take back my first answer and say he went to Canaan. Maybe Bethal is another name for Canaan? Ok, I'm confused too.

    Where are the Bible scholars when you need them?
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