The Book Of Tobit

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hello again

this might sound like possibly the stupidest question ever but im not too familiar with this subject so i do not know does our church believe in the book of tobit and if it does why is the book of tobit not in the bible ? if anyone has answer i owuld apprciate it

thx in advance
chris 8)


  • What is the book of tobit?
  • that is my question i? ??? :P
    here are links about it
  • The book of Tobit (Tobia) is part of the "apocrypha" or the missing cannon books.
    Our Church recognizes it and use it. There are different reasons why they are not part of the Bible (Most common reason is that most of these books were written during the captivity of Isreal so the jewish tradition doesn't recognize them) It is an interesting story about a young man named Tobit. The church has a tradition today that a man will not know his wife for three days after the wedding (its optional) it is rooted in this book.
    If any of you guys have a chance, get the book and read it (it is only avilable in King James Version, or at least the is the only one that our church endurces.)
    Hope this helps
  • The Book of Tobit and the other Deuterocanonical (or second canon) books are available in their entirety with The Bible in the New Jerusalem Bible as well. Although, I would be cautious in your reading as The Jerusalem and NJB are what one might call "Roman Catholic translations". Still I have found it useful as the deuterocanon is seemlesly integrated into the Old Testament of the NJB. :)
  • you can read the book of Tobit and the rest of Deuterocanonical Books on the web , press English then Holy Bible then Deuterocanonical. the book is 14 chapters and follows the Book of Nehmia in order. St Takla is a church in Alexandria and it is a very good site.
  • safaa i tried your link nd got to the bible part but then it says content is no longer available

    thx in advance
  • CopticChris434, I just tried and it worked just fine. after you click on english or arabic , you will find New Testement, Old Testement Deuteronical. click on Deuteronical andyou will find an explanation why the Books of Apocaripha are not included in Protostant Bible. at the end of the page , you will find all the Books of Deuteronical. click on Tobit and chose which chapter you want to read.
  • when you say a man will not "know" his wife for three days do u mean they won't have sex for three days?
  • yeah thats a good question anyone ? i wanna know too 8)

    kirie eleison
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