Hymns Instructional Liturgies Higher Institute of Coptic Studies, Liturgy of St. Basil in Coptic

This Liturgy is fully in Coptic and includes the majority of Hymns that are chanted during the Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil. This liturgy was recorded in 1967 by the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies.

Priests: Bishop Gregorius, Father Ibrahim Aziz, Father Marcus Girgis of Matai, Father Shenoudah as-suryani
Deacon and Cantor: Sadik Atallah
Editor and Production Supervisor: John Gillespie, University of California, Santa Barbara
Choir of the Institute of Coptic Studies, Cairo, Egypt
Ragheb Moftah, Choirmaster and Music Director
Cover Photo: "Christ and St. Menas," Icon from the Monastery of Baouit, Mus

Part 1 19 files
Part 2 13 files
Part 3 10 files
Part 4 5 files