Ti-galili-a (7th Part of the Wednesday Theotokia) :: }galile`a (}mahsasfi) :: لحن تي جاليلي آه - القطعة السابعة من ثيؤطوكية الأربعاء

Weekday Praises - 2

Ibrahim Ayad


The Seventh Part


القطعة السابعة

The Galilee of the Gentiles, who sit in darkness, and in the shadow of death, had the great Light shine to them.

}galile`a `nte nie;[email protected] nyethemci qen `p,[email protected] nem `tqyibi `m`[email protected] ounis] `nOuwini afsai nwou.

جليل الأُمم، الجالسون في الظلمة، وظلال الموت، أشرق عليهم النور العظيم.

+ God who rests, among His saints, became incarnate of the Virgin, for our salvation.

+ `Vnou] vye;moten `[email protected] qen nye;ouab `[email protected] af[icarx qen }par;[email protected] e;be vy`ete vwn `noujai.

+ الله المستريح، في قديسيه، تجسد من العذراء، لأجل خلاصنا.

Come behold and be amazed, joyfully sing on account, of this mystery, which was revealed unto us.

`Amwini `anau `ari`[email protected] hwc ;elyl qen ou`slylou`[email protected] hijen [email protected] `etafouwnh nan `ebol.

تعالوا أنظروا وتعجبوا، وسبحوا وهللوا، بإبتهاج لهذا السر، الذي ظهر لنا.

+ For the Incorporeal was incarnate, and the Word became flesh, the One without beginning began, the Eternal came under time.

+ Je Piatcarx af[[email protected] ouoh Pilogoc af`q;[email protected] Piatar,y [email protected] Piatcyou afswpi qa ou`,ronoc.

+ لأن غير المُتجسد تجسَّد، والكلمة تجسَّمت، غير المبتدئ إبتدأ، وغير الزمني صار زمنياً.

The Incomprehensible has been touched, and the Unseen has been seen, and the Son of the living God, truly became the Son of Man.

Piat`stahof [email protected] Pia;nau `erof cenau `[email protected] `Psyri `m`Vnou] [email protected] afswpi `nSyri `nrwmi qen oume;myi.

غير المُدرك لمسوه، وغير المرئي رأوه، إبن الله الحي، صار بشرياً بالحقيقة.

+ Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever, in one hypostasis, we worship and glorify Him.

+ Iycouc Pi`,rictoc `ncaf nem [email protected] `n;of `n;of pe nem sa `[email protected] qen ouhupoctacic `[email protected] tenouwst `mmof ten]`wou naf.

+ يسوع المسيح هو هو أمس، واليوم وإلى الأبد، بأُقنوم واحد، نسجد له ونمجده.

The Father looked from heaven, and found no one like you, He sent His only-begotten, who came and took flesh from you.

`A `Viwt joust `ebol qen `[email protected] `mpefjem vyet`oni `[email protected] afouwrp `[email protected] `i af[icarx `ebol `nqy].

تطَّلع الآب من السماء، فلم يجد مَنْ يُشبهكِ، أرسل وحيده، أتى وتجسد منكِ.