The Wednesday Theotokia Lobsh :: Pilwbs `nte };e`otokia `m`P`ehoou `m`P`ftoou :: لبش ثيؤطوكية الأربعاء

Weekday Praises

Wagdi Bishara


Ezekiel the prophet, has witnessed saying, “I saw a gate to the East, sealed with a mysterious seal.

Iezekiyl pi`[email protected] ws `ebol efoi `mme;[email protected] je ainau `eoupuly `nca nima`[email protected] ectob qen outebc `n`svyri.

حزقيال النبي، يشهد قائلاً، "إنني رأيت باباً ناحية المشرق، مختوماً بخاتم عجيب.

+ And no one else entered it, but the Lord of powers, He entered and went out, and the gate remained sealed.”

+ `Mpe `hli se `eqoun `[email protected] `ebyl `e`P[oic `nte [email protected] afse `eqoun af`i `[email protected] ac`ohi ecsotem `mpecry].

+ ولم يدخل فيه أحد، إلا رب القوات، دخل وخرج، وبقى مختوماً على حاله."

For the gate is the Virgin, who gave birth to our Savior, and after His birth, she remained a virgin.

}puli gar te }par;[email protected] ;y`etacmici `[email protected] ouoh on menenca `;[email protected] ac`ohi ecoi `mpar;enoc.

الباب هو العذراء، التي ولدت مُخلِّصنا، وقد بقيت عذراء، بعد ولادته.

+ Blessed is the Fruit of your womb, O who gave birth to God for the world, so as to redeem us from the hands, of the unmerciful tyrant.

+ `F`cmarwout `nje [email protected] `w ;y`etac`jve `Vnou] nan `[email protected] sa `ntefcotten qen [email protected] `mpiturannoc `na;nai.

+ مباركة هي ثمرتِك، يا مَنْ ولِدت الله إلى العالم، كي ينقذنا من يدي، الظالم غير الرحوم.

Blessed and perfect are you, O who has found all grace, before the King of glory, our true Lord.

Te`cmamat etjyk `[email protected] `w ;y`etacjem ,aricma [email protected] `mpe`m;o `m`Pouro `nte `p`[email protected] pen`aly;inoc `nNou].

مباركة أنتِ وكاملة، يا مَنْ وجدِت كل نعمة، أمام ملك المجد، إلهنا الحقيقي.

+ You deserved all honor, more than any one on earth, for the Word of the Father, came and was incarnate of you.

+ `Areem`psa `ntaio [email protected] para ouon niben ethijen [email protected] je `a Pilogoc `nte `[email protected] `i af[icarx `ebol `nqy].

+ إستحققتِ كل كرامة، أكثر من كل مَنْ على الأرض، لأن كلمة الآب، أتى وتجسد منكِ.

And He walked among men, as a compassionate Lover of Man, that He may save our souls, through His holy appearance.

Ouoh afmosi nem [email protected] hwc Mairwmi `[email protected] sa `ntefcw] `nnen'u,[email protected] hiten tefparoucia e;ouab.

ومشى مع الناس، كرؤوف ومحب للبشر، حتى خلَّص نفوسنا، بظهوره المقدس.

+ Let us worship our Savior, the good Lover of Mankind, for He had compassion upon us, as He came and saved us.

+ Marenouwst `[email protected] Pimairwmi `n`aga;[email protected] je `n;of afsenhyt [email protected] af`i ouoh afcw] `mmon.

+ فلنسجد لمُخلِّصنا، محب البشر الصالح، لأنه ترأف علينا، أتى وخلصنا.

Hail to you O Virgin, the very and true queen, hail to the pride of our race, who gave birth to Emmanuel.

<ere ne `w }par;[email protected] ]ourw `mmyi `n`aly;[email protected] ,ere `psousou `nte [email protected] `are`jvo nan `nEmmanouyl.

السلام لكِ أيتها العذراء، الملكة الحقيقية الحقانية، السلام لفخر جنسنا، ولدتِ لنا عمانوئيل.

+ We ask you to remember us, O our trusted advocate, before our Lord Jesus Christ, that He may forgive us our sins.

+ Ten]ho `[email protected] `w ]`proctatyc `[email protected] nahren Pen[oic Iycouc Pi`,[email protected] `ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol.

+ نسألِك أن تذكرينا، أيتها الشفيعة المؤتمنة، أمام ربنا يسوع المسيح، ليغفر لنا خطايانا.