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  • its because that litany in the liturgy of st cyril is chanted in the tune of khen o shot or the ancient tune or I guess what  some people call moses's tune
  • its probably because the ancient tune refers to khen o shot tune and it talks about moses and his song of praise
  • at around 9:25
  • The spirituality of the praise by Anba Mettaous
  • What funky stuff are the LA Copts doing? All the english hymns go through a rigorous committee before being presented as official.
  • @jojo_Hanna sorry I was misinformed, but it still shows that they have the right to change things for pastoral reasons. 
  • @ophadece HH Pope Kyrillos changed the canons of the church to allow fish on Wednesdays and Fridays because he saw that the congregation wasn't fastign at all and he thought that they should at least try and fast a little bit, it wasn't until HH Pop…
  • Yes mabsoota, they would change the service to the festive tune. In response to Jojo, it's the bishops right to defend the faith in the way he sees necessary. If he sees its pastorally fit to, without breaking the fast, have the Christmas service on…
  • In the diocese of HEM Serapion there has been given permission to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity on the 25th of December when decided appropriate by the priest of the church as well as on the 28th of koiakh, but the fast is NOT to be broken un…
  • Amen Amen Amen. I believe, I believe, I believe that this is true. Amen.  Pray for all the Christians in every place, who said to us concerning them to remember them in the church, in our prayers, petitions, and supplications.  O God, the compassio…