Coronavirus (Covid-19) and End times


I'm just curious to know, but has anyone here read the article by Fr. Daoud Lamei on the Coronavirus and End Times? 

It seems that Copts aren't the only ones mentioning this:

I was also pointing out the same earlier - we are stuck: 
We have gay marriages, marriages with animals, sex changes, abortion, and saying anything of this is wrong, not only could ostracise you socially, but may even lead to financial hardships. On top of it, pedophilia priests from probably the largest apostolic church has just weakened Christians.

Raising your children in holiness will be very hard. 

I think if this is the end times, great.


  • Hi Zoxasi, 

    The talk of the end time has been definitely popular right now with the coronavirus happening and how the world is turning into Sodom & Gomorrah with gay marriages and all the sinful acts that are becoming "okay" to society. 

    It is absolutely difficult to raise children in holiness nowadays with all the freedom, and it is especially difficult with everything closing down including churches which leaves the children with more time to think about the possibilities of these sins and not enough motivation to grow spiritually on their own time. 

    Pray for the peace of the world and for our children. 
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