Songs English St. Mary, East Brunswick, NJ - Lord Hear My Cry

Lord Hear My Cry - St. Mary, East Brunswick, NJ

IntroductionIntroduction1:08128 kbpsPlay1.04 MB - 128 kbps
The Solid RockThe Solid Rock5:46128 kbpsPlay5.28 MB - 128 kbps
St. Monica & AugustineSt. Monica & Augustine5:27128 kbpsPlay4.99 MB - 128 kbps
Speech: Our Merciful FatherSpeech: Our Merciful Father0:41128 kbpsPlay638 KB - 128 kbps
Lord Hear My CryLord Hear My Cry5:12128 kbpsPlay4.76 MB - 128 kbps
Shepherd Of My SoulShepherd Of My Soul5:20128 kbpsPlay4.88 MB - 128 kbps
Speech: O Lord Our Good ShepherdSpeech: O Lord Our Good Shepherd0:30128 kbpsPlay466 KB - 128 kbps
The Good ShepherdThe Good Shepherd4:09128 kbpsPlay3.8 MB - 128 kbps
Speech: Fr. Bishoy DemetriousSpeech: Fr. Bishoy Demetrious0:53128 kbpsPlay832 KB - 128 kbps
Amen, Come My LordAmen, Come My Lord8:20128 kbpsPlay7.63 MB - 128 kbps
Be Faithful Until DeathBe Faithful Until Death8:47128 kbpsPlay8.04 MB - 128 kbps
Salvation Belongs To Our GodSalvation Belongs To Our God1:50128 kbpsPlay1.68 MB - 128 kbps

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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