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Songs - Fr. Ibrahim Aziz

Hegumen Ibrahim Aziz

Hegumen Ibrahim Aziz is a former member of the choir of the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies, currently serving at St. George Church in Bellflower, CA.

3alalElah tattakel3alalElah tattakel3:0064 kbpsPlay1.38 MB - 64 kbps
a3'lek albabA3'lek albab6:2064 kbpsPlay2.9 MB - 64 kbps
Allah kowwaton lanaAllah kowwaton lana2:5164 kbpsPlay1.31 MB - 64 kbps
emsek yady wakodnyEmsek yady wakodny3:1364 kbpsPlay1.47 MB - 64 kbps
En onsaEn onsa4:1764 kbpsPlay1.96 MB - 64 kbps
howwazaHowwaza9:5964 kbpsPlay4.57 MB - 64 kbps
kalby al7'afakKalby al7'afak7:3364 kbpsPlay3.46 MB - 64 kbps
kayf ansaKayf ansa4:5564 kbpsPlay2.25 MB - 64 kbps
sallamto nafsySallamto nafsy6:0764 kbpsPlay2.8 MB - 64 kbps
yaman be7odoorehYaman be7odooreh4:0164 kbpsPlay1.84 MB - 64 kbps
yasaye7Yasaye75:2364 kbpsPlay2.47 MB - 64 kbps
Yasoo3 felsafinaYasoo3 felsafina1:2964 kbpsPlay694 KB - 64 kbps

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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