Songs Arabic On the wood of the Cross

On the wood of the Cross - Unknown

On the wood of the CrossOn the wood of the Cross6:20128 kbpsPlay5.8 MB - 128 kbps
Did you hear?Did you hear?3:19128 kbpsPlay3.04 MB - 128 kbps
Jesus Invites youJesus Invites you1:46128 kbpsPlay1.63 MB - 128 kbps
Ya Khati E3raf TarikakYa Khati E3raf Tarikak5:13128 kbpsPlay4.78 MB - 128 kbps
Lieh? Lieh?Lieh? Lieh?3:29128 kbpsPlay3.19 MB - 128 kbps
O3a TagelO3a Tagel3:01128 kbpsPlay2.77 MB - 128 kbps
Ya Saheb ElhananYa Saheb Elhanan5:48128 kbpsPlay5.32 MB - 128 kbps
Meen Ana meenMeen Ana meen4:18128 kbpsPlay3.94 MB - 128 kbps
Saleeby kan badalakSaleeby kan badalak5:52128 kbpsPlay5.37 MB - 128 kbps
Maratan Tohot Ba3eedanMaratan Tohot Ba3eedan5:05128 kbpsPlay4.66 MB - 128 kbps
Ya Moheban matYa Moheban mat4:41128 kbpsPlay4.29 MB - 128 kbps
Belahdan AlabawiaBelahdan Alabawia4:36128 kbpsPlay4.21 MB - 128 kbps
Begaldetak shoufeetBegaldetak shoufeet3:00128 kbpsPlay2.75 MB - 128 kbps
InstrumentalInstrumental2:59128 kbpsPlay2.73 MB - 128 kbps

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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