Sermons Fr. Markos Ayoub 2005

Symbols of Christ in the Old Testament - Fr. Markos Ayoub

Christ the CornerstoneChrist the Cornerstone14:2164 kbpsPlay6.57 MB - 64 kbps
Christ the ShepherdChrist the Shepherd17:21256 kbpsPlay31.76 MB - 256 kbps
Christ the BranchChrist the Branch27:49256 kbpsPlay50.94 MB - 256 kbps
Christ the RockChrist the Rock18:05256 kbpsPlay33.11 MB - 256 kbps
Christ the RootChrist the Root14:1064 kbpsPlay6.49 MB - 64 kbps
Christ the ServantChrist the Servant14:3064 kbpsPlay6.64 MB - 64 kbps
Christ the Lion of JudahChrist the Lion of Judah12:54128 kbpsPlay11.81 MB - 128 kbps
Christ the Peacemaker - ShilohChrist the Peacemaker - Shiloh19:38128 kbpsPlay17.98 MB - 128 kbps

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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