Sermons Fr. Abraam Sleman 2002

2002 Sermons - Fr. Abraam Sleman

The Book of Ezra - Chapter 1The Book of Ezra - Chapter 155:0724 kbpsPlay9.46 MB - 24 kbps
The Service of the NeedyThe Service of the Needy39:4424 kbpsPlay6.82 MB - 24 kbps
Do GoodDo Good41:2924 kbpsPlay7.12 MB - 24 kbps
Holy to the LordHoly to the Lord50:4024 kbpsPlay8.7 MB - 24 kbps
Holy to the LordHoly to the Lord23:4524 kbpsPlay4.08 MB - 24 kbps
Blessings for PeterBlessings for Peter26:1224 kbpsPlay4.5 MB - 24 kbps
Time of God's RemembranceTime of God's Remembrance32:0924 kbpsPlay5.52 MB - 24 kbps
The Greatness of the BibleThe Greatness of the Bible30:5124 kbpsPlay5.3 MB - 24 kbps
The Covenant With GodThe Covenant With God39:0224 kbpsPlay6.7 MB - 24 kbps
Reasons to Praise GodReasons to Praise God16:4924 kbpsPlay2.89 MB - 24 kbps
Archangel GabrielArchangel Gabriel19:0324 kbpsPlay3.27 MB - 24 kbps
Peace of ChristPeace of Christ63:4524 kbpsPlay10.95 MB - 24 kbps

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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