Praises Midnight Praises (Sunday)

The psalmody is a deep spiritual monument based in the order of the Holy Liturgy. It was placed through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This is clear from the words of the psalmody, which are taken from the Holy Bible, the Book of Psalms, and from the accurate and deep theological understandings. These understandings can be found in its tunes which move the emotions and stays in the sky of the spirit. Thus bringing a person closer and closer to God and helping him easily towards the life of meditation in His characteristics and works.

--His Grace Bishop Hedra, Praises Explained

Abou Fam Chorus 19 files
Deacons of St. Mark, JC, NJ, English Midnight Praises 11 files
Fr. David Bebawy, Coptic Midnight Praises2 albums
Ibrahim Ayad, Coptic Midnight Praises6 albums
Institute of Higher Coptic Studies, Coptic Midnight Praises4 albums
Sourian Monastery, Coptic Midnight Praises4 albums
St. George Geushi, Egypt, Arabic Midnight Praises 2 files
St Anthony Monastery, English Midnight Praises2 albums
St Macarius Monastery, Midnight Praises 3 files
Wagdi Bishara 40 files