Psali Adam for both the Feasts of Circumcision and the entry into the Temple :: `Aniou`i `mP=o=c


Present to the Lord, glory and honor, present to the Lord, praises of victory.
Send up unto Him always, silent lambs and new songs, and blood offerings.

`Aniou`i `[email protected] `nou`wou nem outai`[email protected] `aniou`i `[email protected] `nhanhumnoc `mpi`[ro.
Bwrp naf `e`pswi `[email protected] `nhanhiyb `nat,[email protected] nem hanjwm [email protected] nem han;uci`a `nat`cnof.

قدموا للرب، مجداً وكرامة، قدموا للرب، تسابيح الغلبة.
ارسلوا له إلي فوق دائماً، حملاناً غير ساكتة، وأناشيد جديدة، وذبائح دموية.

For He created us, when we were nothing, He purified and taught us, the ways of heaven.
David says in truth, at all times, blessed are those who dwell, in Your house.

Ge gar af;[email protected] ouoh `anon an [email protected] aftoubon af`[email protected] `enimwit `nte `tve.
Dauid `ncyou [email protected] efjoc qen oume;[email protected] `wouniatou `nouon [email protected] etsop qen pekyi.

لأنه خلقنا، وإذ نحن لن نكن، وطهرنا وعلمنا، طرق السماء.
يقول داود، في كل حين بالحقيقة، طوبي لجميع الساكنين، في بيتك.

I will enter, to the Alter of God, at all times, and offer oblations.
For truly it's wondrous, that Christ the lover of men, accepted circumcision, like the humans.

E`i`e`i `[email protected] sa pima`[email protected] `nte V] qen [email protected] ei`eswt `nhanswousi.
Ze ontwc qen ou`[email protected] `aP=,=c [email protected] swp `erof `[email protected] `m`vry] `nnirwmi.

أدخل إلي، مذبح الله، دائماً، وأذبح الذبائح.
فعجباً بالحقيقة، أن المسيح محب البشر، قبل الختان، مثل البشر.

For Saint Luke, spoke of that, for the Messiah, and wrote and said.
When the week was finished, His name was called, Jesus according, to the saying of the angel.

Yppe gar [email protected] afcaji qen [email protected] e;be [email protected] ouoh af`cqai.
:ebdwmac `[email protected] aumou] `[email protected] je I=y=c pe [email protected] kata `pcaji `mpiaggeloc.

لأن لوقا، تكلم بهذا، من أجل ماسيّا، وكتب.
ولما كمل الإسبوع، دُعي إسمه، يسوع، كقول الملاك.

Joseph and Salome, and Mariam His mother, when they finished, the forty days.
And also they went, to the house of prayers, to offer for themselves, the choice offerings.

Iwcyf nem [email protected] nem Mari`a [email protected] `etaujwk `[email protected] `n`ehoou `ete `mmau.
Ke palin [email protected] `e`pyi `n]`proceu,[email protected] e;rou`ini `[email protected] `nhancwtp `neu,y.

يوسف وسالومي، ومريم أمه، لما أكملوا، تلك الأربعين يوماً.
وأيضاً ذهبوا، إلي بيت الصلاة، ليقدموا عنهما، تقدمات مختارة.

They also have found, Simon the priest, standing and serving, through his priesthood.
So he did not hesitate, but took the risk, and carried Him quickly, on his arms.

Loipon gar [email protected] `nCimwn [email protected] ef`ohi `eratf [email protected] qen tefmetouyb.
`Mpefer`[email protected] alla af] `[email protected] afolf qen [email protected] `ejen nef`jvoi.

وأيضاً وجدوا، سمعان الكاهن، واقفاً يخدم، في كهنوته.
فلم يتهاون، بل بادر، وحمله بسرعة، علي ذراعيه.

And he said now O Lord, let your servant go, for You have kept me, to see You.
And suddenly, Anna the prophetess, the meek woman, came and confessed.

Naf joc je [email protected] ]nou `,na,a [email protected] je `n;ok pe `[email protected] `eroi e;ryinau `erok.
Xapina ac`[email protected] `nje Anna ]`[email protected] ]cemne `n`[email protected] acer`omologityc.

وكان يقول الآن، يا سيدي إطلق عبدك، لأنك حفظتني، لكي أراك.
وبغتة، جاءت حنة النبية، المرأة العفيفة، واعترفت.

And she spoke about Him, in front of everyone, for all the people, waited for Him at all times.
Our Master the lover of men, Christ our King, accepted circumcision, to complete the Law.

Ouoh nac caji e;[email protected] qaten ouon [email protected] ouoh pilaoc [email protected] naujoust `erof `ncyou niben.
Pennyb [email protected] penouro P=,[email protected] afswp `erof `[email protected] e;refjwk `mpinomoc.

وكانت تتكلم من أجله، أمام الجميع، واذ كان كل الشعب، ينتظرة كل حين.
سيدنا محب البشر، ملكنا المسيح، قبل الختان، ليكمل الناموس.

Rejoice and be glad, o you sons of men, for Emmanuel, have carried our sins.
Yes in truth, He confirmed His Incarnation, and fulfilled our humbleness, by His circumcision.

Rasi ouoh ;[email protected] `w `pgenoc `[email protected] je [email protected] af`wli `nnennobi.
Ce ontwc [email protected] `mpefjin [email protected] afjwk `mpen;ebi`[email protected] `n`hryi qen pefcebi.

افرحوا وتهللوا، يا جنس البشر، لأن عمانوئيل، حمل خطايانا.
نعم الحقيقة، ثبَّت تأنسه، وأكمل توضعنا، بإختتانه.

Therefore He taught us, the ways of salvation, and He has saved us, according to His great mercy.
He in the Son of God, in truth, and she gave birth to Him, Saint Mary the Virgin.

Tote af`[email protected] `ehanmwit `nte [email protected] ouoh afcw] `[email protected] kata pefnis] `nnai.
U=c :=c `n;[email protected] qen ou`aly;i`[email protected] acmici `[email protected] `nje ;y=e=;=u Mari`a.

حينئذ علمنا، طرق الخلاص، وخلصنا، كعظيم رحمته.
هو ابن الله، بالحقيقة، قد ولدته، القديسة مريم.

He who is carried, by the invisible hosts, was carried by, Simon the priest.
Holy O You O Christ, in Your precepts, and unlimited is, Your power and wisdom.

Vy `etoufai `[email protected] `nje nitaxic [email protected] af`wli `[email protected] `nje Cimwn piouyb.
`<ouab `w P=,[email protected] qen tefoikonomi`[email protected] ouat`s]si `[email protected] te tekjwm nem tekcovi`a.

الذي تحمله، الرتب الخفية، قد حمله، سمعان الكاهن.
قدوس أيها المسيح، في تدبيرك، وغير محدودة، هي قوتك وحكمتك.

And the rest of Your people, heal their sicknesses, and those who departed, O Lord remember them.
Likewise I Your servant, the sinner, I entreat You, to forgive me my sins.

"epi `[email protected] matal[o `[email protected] nem ny`etauenkot [email protected] `aripoumeu`i.
`W cautoc [email protected] `anok qa [email protected] ]]ho `[email protected] ,w nyi `ebol `nnanobi.

وسائر شعبك، اشف أمراضهم، والدين رقدوا، يا رب أذكرهم.
كذلك أنا عبدك، الخاطئ، أتوسل إليك أن تغفر لي خطاياي.